Hoodwinked boingo red fall

Red falling out of the cable car

Boingo's cable car was a transport device that carried people up and down the mountain and it was also Boingo's job to run it.

In Hoodwinked!, when Red takes a ride on the cable cart, she talks about how the Goody Bandit is trying to steal Granny's recipes. Boingo then secretly opens the door and Red loses balance. Boingo tries to grab for the basket, but Red takes it down with her, just as Wolf was passing by.

Near the end, Boingo is found out to be the Goody Bandit and, after singing "Top of the Woods," he throws Red into the cable car filled with dynamite. Later on Boingo lights up the dynamite fuse, stating that there are no brakes as the cable car sailed away. Granny then chases after Red, rescues her and detaches the cable car just as the fuse went off. The cable cart then plunged in the water, exploding and sending ironically heaps of fish for the fisherman that was nearby.