BoingoSnax was a proposed giant snack food manufacturing company that would hav

Development and adding Boingonium to the snacks


replaced all the other goodie shops because Boingo stole recipies for it's menu.

In the middle of the song Top Of The Woods, Keith puts on a tape and Boingo then starts explaining about his plan. He stole all the recipies and then he would have started to build the BoingoSnax factory. He then would've put a special ingredient in each treat called "Boingonium", which makes the goodie 100 times more addictive. Once his buisness started he stated that he would "blow the whole competition away", which means destroying the forest and building his new empire, thus making BoingoSnax the ultimate (and only) goodie shop.

Boingo's plans were stopped by Red and the team, but it is unknown if Boingo still wants to try again ( if he gets out).