Character Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Age 69
Production Information
Appeared in Hoodwinked!
Voiced by Unknown

The fisherman is a character in Hoodwinked!

Biography and PersonalityEdit

The fisherman enjoys fishing and has a crush on Granny.

He is very solitary, deferential, subservient, and mild-mannered.


In Hoodwinked!, the fisherman first appears when Wolf fell from a cliff into the river. He was busy fishing and, seeing the Wolf, says, "That's fishy." Wolf then replies that Red and Granny are evil and that he will "prove it" (however, he, of course, never did).

Later on, when Granny fell off a cliff, she began to use a bungie-cord. When she reached the bottom, the fisherman was there, still fishing. She waves to him and says, "Afternoon." and then got launched back up onto the mountain.

He returns for a final time when Red and Granny were trying to stop the dynamite from reaching its location. After they dropped the cable car and it blew up, the fisherman, who was still fishing, got bombarded with fish he couldn't catch all day.