James "Jimmy" Lizard is a character in Hoodwinked!. He is the director of the Paul's Bunion Cream commercials, in which Kirk Kirkendall was featured in. He is voiced by Joshua J. Greene.



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In Hoodwinked!Edit

In Hoodwinked!, Jimmy was filming one scene for a Paul's Bunion Cream commercial, but stopped filming when Kirk said, "Aargh!" (which made Jimmy stop the filming). The lizard director asks Kirk what makes him feel proud, strong, and mighty and Kirk answers his dream, which is to travel the world with his favorite singing band, the Happy Yodellers. Kirk then started to sing one of their songs, but accidentally hurled his axe through the air. Jimmy Lizard then told Kirk to come back another day, and called another person to try out for the audition.

Later on, Jimmy called Kirk from his schnitzel truck and told him that they want him to come back tomorrow and do the same thing he did today, only for him to do it good (it's a call-back). The lizard then tells Kirk to go out into the wild and he wants him to find the "tree-chopping side of himself" (and find his "inner woodsman"), and also tells him, "Don't act like a woodsman, BE a woodsman!" Jimmy told Kirk that he'll see him at 10 and hung up.

In Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilEdit

In Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil, Jimmy appears numerous times in the background but never speaks.


  • Jimmy is sometimes similar to the GEICO Gecko.