The Sandwich Man is one of the minor protagonists in Hoodwinked!.

He is the obese Snack Shack proprietor who (for some reason) wears a white tiger costume.

The Sandwich Man does not like desserts (or health inspectors).

He is voiced by Todd Edwards.

Biography and PersonalityEdit

The Sandwich Man is gloomy, miserable, despondent, and gets irritated right away.


In Hoodwinked!, the Sandwich Man sings one line during Red's song "Great Big World," "Or unkind." (after Red sings, "She could never be rude.").

Later on, during Wolf's side of the story, when Wolf (disguised as a health inspector by the name of "Rick Shaw") questions the Sandwich Man about the Goody Bandit, he gets really annoyed.


  • The Sandwich Man's real name is Wade.
  • The Sandwich Man has a solo movie in production, coming 2020.
  • He has a boss named Earl