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Todd Edwards is one of the directors of the movie Hoodwinked!. He is also the creator of the original concept. Director Cory Edwards once said in an interview, "I remember the day Todd called me with the idea. It was a brilliant take on a fairy tale I'd never heard before. I tell people there would be no 'Hoodwinked' without Todd." Todd conceived and pitched the original story to investors, and was the co-writer of the script along with Cory. Todd's most notable contributions to the world of Hoodwinked! are the creation of The Wolf, Granny Puckett and Japeth The Goat. Todd wrote most of the original songs for the movie, and performed many as well. The soundtrack to Hoodwinked has been called one of the most unique things about it, becoming almost as popular as the movie itself. As director, Todd worked with animators along with Cory and worked with the actors in recording, especially on their musical performances. He also voiced the Sandwich Man in Hoodwinked!. Todd has directed two other films, the live action "Chillicothe" that went to Sundance and the recent indie comedy, "Jeffie Was Here." He wrote both films as well.